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Alan Warner

Alan Warner has written the novels Morvern Callar (1995 / filmed in 2002), These Demented Lands (1997), The Sopranos (1998 / filmed as Our Ladies), The Man Who Walks (2002), The Worms Can Carry Me To Heaven (2006), The Stars In The Bright Sky (2010 / long-listed for the Booker Prize), The Deadman’s Pedal (2012 / won the James Tait Black Prize), Their Lips Talk Of Mischief (2014), and Kitchenly 434 (2021). He wrote the short stories in Good Listeners (2019), with Brian Hamill, and the novella Those Darker Sayings for The Seal Club (2020). 


Despite this, Alan remains utterly ignorant of almost every function on Microsoft Word. Inconsistent – even as a God-botherer; morbid battlefield lurker (he once went on ‘holiday’ to Waterloo for a week) and a trembling air-crash expert. A ruined, once decent ten-pint man, who might now be found sober and alone on preserved railway lines. Techno-fear but annoyingly addicted to WhatsApp. Don’t give him your number or he’ll off-load rants about any of the surrounding facts. Fondness for hard stuff, like Coca Cola with ice. Saddo classic Hawkwind (1970-1979/80) space cadet bore, who also loves Ordnance Survey maps. Leo with Gemini rising (an indecisive Leo!). Has just escaped a stirring interest in real ale, but perhaps there is still time? Has owned some favoured shirts for twenty-two years. Admires Gogol’s Dead Souls and Joy Division (saw them once, in the winter; Weather Report, 1974-6, in summer). Patient wife, two cats. Flirts with RSPCA memberships on and off. Still uses cheques. Sends Christmas cards!

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