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Ultraviolet: A Glastonbury Tale

by Blueblagger


Welcome to Glastonbury – a relaxed Somerset town known for its ancient legends. From King Arthur to the Tor, it is part of a Wessex landscape rich in stone circles and stoned wanderers, and in more recent years its name has become synonymous with a festival held in nearby Pilton that pulls in huge crowds each year, along with the likes of The Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

Meet Blueblagger – a spliff-smoking scallywag with a love of the blag, a cheerful rogue who never misses a festival but refuses to buy a ticket. He is a fundamentalist who demands entry in the spirit of the earlier free Stonehenge gatherings. Put the two together and you have Ultraviolet: A Glastonbury Tale – England at its most eccentric.

This book will lead you through a maze of country lanes and security fences; into a world of repetitive beats and beaten-up vans; of Hell’s Angels and new-age travellers; the stalls of Babylon and the Battle Of The Beanfield; old hippies and middle-aged punks and the young Green Field folk; all-night ravers and their chemical brothers. British tribal music fills the air.

When Blueblagger finds a way to stroll straight through the main gates unmolested, he indentifies a nice little earner. The money quickly mounts up and there is even love on the horizon. Life is sweet – until a bad man and his crew take an interest. Read Ultraviolet and you will never see Glastonbury in the same way again.

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