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The Liberal Politics Of Adolf Hitler

by John King

It is sometime in the future and the individual nations of Europe no longer exist. Power is fully centralised in the form of the United State Of Europe, a corporate-driven, closet dictatorship that promotes New Democracy, its true nature hidden behind fake smiles, easy debt and lots of empty liberal rhetoric. With the major cities controlled by Good Europeans, locals (commons) live as second-class citizens. Across Europe resistance groups fight back. And Britain is no different.

In London, an ambitious young bureaucrat uses Suspicion software to identify threats to the State, stumbling across a shocking murder just as a high-ranking Controller is about to arrive from Brussels. At the same time, a member of GB45 leaves one of the Free English towns in Wessex and heads towards the capital. Despite the efforts of special police unit Cool and the paramilitaries of Hardcore, these three men are set on a collision course.

The Liberal Politics Of Adolf Hitler imagines a society where doublespeak merges with babytalk and the internet has morphed into propaganda/surveillance tool InterZone. Those who want to progress in life must follow strict rules they insist do not exist. Correctness and a denied censorship crushes expression. Physical copies of books, audio and film are illegal. All the while the people’s culture is stolen and sold back to them in distorted forms – Parisian songsmith Jean Rotten bursts onto the music scene with a ferocious Tenderberger jingle, Terry Johns captains London United against the Barca Flamboyants and is denounced for no real reason, and dead showman James Saviles is promoted as a brave libertine...

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