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Tali Chilson

Tali Chilson is a scholar of Hebrew and Jewish literature, who holds a PhD in Jewish Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Her doctoral thesis was a study of the Israeli poet Yair Hurwitz (1941-1988), and this was later turned into the much-acclaimed book A Lonely Bird On A Rooftop, published in 2007. This won the prestigious Yehoshua Rabinovitch Prize. Another study, dedicated to the Israeli poet Dahlia Ravikovitch (1936-2005), has recently been digitised and is available from the Israel National Library website.

Tali has taught at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and the Oriental Institute at the University of Oxford, for over a decade. She has delivered various public and academic lectures, including a lecture at the David Patterson Seminar Lectures in Oxford, and at the Hebrew Literature Conference in Cambridge. Since 2012 she has been affiliated with Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. Her current research is focused on Anglo-Jewish literature with a particular interest in what she describes as ‘The Anglo-Jewish Literary Revival’. She lives in Oxford. 

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