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The View From Poacher’s Hill by

Alan Warner, Irvine Welsh, John King

The Seal Club returns with The View From Poacher’s Hill, a collection that features new stories by Alan Warner, Irvine Welsh and  John King. Three literary chums, three doses of bold contemporary fiction. 


In Warner’s Migration, a reluctant teenager is taken to live on the Costa Blanca by her parents, but despite the villa, pool and palm trees as enjoyed through designer shades, Lily struggles to adapt to her new life in Spain. All is not well in paradise. 


In Welsh’s In Real Life, disenfranchised youths are drawn to more seductive worlds glimpsed on the internet. With drugs, porn and junk food the focus of their days, this romping comedy of no manners asks if our onscreen lives can ever compensate for having nothing in real life. 


In King’s Grand Union, the narrowboat arrival of former lorry driver Merlin and his goat Gary draws an excited crowd to a pub in West London, but with a local man determined to stop them entering the city and rival football firms represented, the peaceful drink planned is soon under threat.


The View From Poacher’s Hill – uncensored and unapologetic. Free-thinking fiction for our narrow-minded times. 

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